If it is not your child, it is one of his or her friends that is using drugs or alcohol and they will eventually try to peer pressure your child! Be a pro-active parent and give your child the tools to make smart and healthy choices. By signing up for my FREE REPORT you will obtain essential knowledge on how to prevent drug and alcohol abuse from ever creeping into your child's life.

Adolescent substance abuse is one of the #1 public health problems today and it is preventable through education and awareness. I am passionate about keeping your children safe and would be excited to help you:

  • Learn how to create the #1 tool every family should have to aid in drug and alcohol prevention.
  • Learn how to involve your family doctor with drug proofing your child.
  • Learn how to identify the danger signs of drug and or alcohol use.
  • Learn the essential facts that should be communicated to kids about drugs, alcohol and addiction.
  • Learn how to confront your child if you suspect drug and or alcohol use.
  • Learn ways to get your child help if you know they are abusing drugs and or alcohol.